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FlyRite Disc Golf
Bi-Monthly Event

Relaxed and Laid-Back

As much as we love the PDGA, FlyRite Disc Golf wants to make it a point to bring in new players who might not necessarily want to commit to signing up with the PDGA right away. To do this, we want to invite disc golfers (both casual and semi-intense) to a non-PDGA approved Bi-Monthly Tournament with no fees.

This is how it will work.

  • Each Bi-Monthly will be played at Deerfield Disc Golf Course, located at 313-249 Parkview Dr, Cartersville, GA 30120 (Right next to Cartersville Elementary School and a huge open practice field; gravel parking lot)

  • The Bi-Monthly will only be the first 18 holes at Deerfield Park

  • The Bi-Monthly will be every second Saturday of every other month unless stated otherwise (A reminder date will be posted here for every upcoming event)

  • Sign-Up

    • Players can sign up using the form on the previous page and can back out the event by emailing us at with your name and phone number (we promise not to spam call you)

    • Players can also sign up at the front desk of our brick-and-mortar location​​

  • Each Bi-Monthly will divide scores into 5 categories. Scores will be divided and NOT players, so the potential for newcomers to be paired up more experienced players is high

  • When signing up, players will be asked what division they believe they would fit best into (Divisions Explained Below)​​

    • Beginner Division: Players who have never played a round of disc golf, or believe they would get around +35 or higher on the course​

    • Hazard Division: Players who have played a couple rounds of disc golf, and believe they would get around +25 to +34 on the course

    • Tree-Hitting Division: Players who are more comfortable playing than a beginner, and believe they would get around +18 to +24 on the course

    • Wind's Fault Division: Players who enjoy playing every now and then but believe they would get around +10 to +17

    • FlyRite Division: Players who believe they would get anything better than +10 (Preferably Par to +9) 

  • Although this will be a no fee, no prize event, players will have their names, divisions, and scores posted on this website (If the player does not wish to have their full name posted, they must email or tell us in store that they only wish to have their first name posted)

  • Players may use any discs they so desire. It can literally be an Ultimate Frisbee disc or some wonky other disc if they so choose (It may not be a ball and HAS to be a disc)

  • A booth will be up at the course the day of the event and players must check-in at the booth

  • Player groups and times will be emailed to them prior to the event

  • A maximum of 100 players will be allowed to sign up (This may be subject to change in future dates)

  • Players must be respectful and not cuss. This is an event to help grow the disc golf community so please be pleasant to those around you, help someone if they don't understand something or are having trouble playing and in turn are getting frustrated, and congratulate and encourage players around you. This is a free event where everyone just wants to have fun and learn more about disc golf . . . and win

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